AriZona Green Tea Diet

Even though green tea’s various health benefits are widely known, many people still don’t actually add green tea into their diets. One reason is that they prefer their coffee with breakfast and are not willing to ditch the caffeine brew for the green stuff. Others say that it’s because green tea tastes so weird.

Well, if you’re one of the latter people, then I’ve got the right product for you! The AriZona green tea diet offers you all the health benefits associated with green tea with a different taste!

Taken from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant, AriZona green tea diet is widely known for its health and weight loss benefits. This green tea diet contains polyphenols which are antioxidants responsible for protecting the body against harmful free radicals. The polyphenols in the AriZona green tea diet helps keep diseases away.

The diet also contains the amino acid Theanine. This substance in the AriZona green tea diet increases the levels of neurotransmitter chemicals that helps enhance moods and reduces the effects of stress.

In addition to these benefits, the AriZona green tea diet also great aids in weight loss. A study conducted at the University of Geneva showed that the green tea used in the AriZona green tea diet can increase the body’s total energy output by 4%. This means that the AriZona green tea diet can successfully increase your metabolism, thus causing more fat to burn and helping you loss weight.

AriZona diet green tea contains less caffeine than most caffeinated drink. Medical science has proven time and time again that caffeine, though a great appetite-suppressant can cause irregularities of the heartbeat and other cardiovascular problems. However, because the AriZona green tea diet contains less caffeine then its coffee counterpart, it is a safer product to drink.

Maybe you’re asking why choose the AriZona green tea diet when you can always go ahead and drink a soda? With the amount of calories in a soda can, it’s not likely you’re going to lose any weight. In fact, you’re more likely to gain weight.

AriZona diet green tea contains Splenda, a sweetener that has zero calories. You’ve probably heard of it before. Splenda is a sweetner often used in cooking as an alternative to suger. With the AriZona green tea diet you get to pamper your sweet tooth and lose weight at the same time.

The green tea diet also contains honey powder and citric acid. These ingredients add just the right hint of bitterness to the sweet drink. The AriZona green tea diet contains all the natural flavors that you want, plus some ginseng extract for additional health benefits.

Now, if you’re the type who likes your AriZona green tea diet iced, then don’t look too far. The AriZona green tea diet also has iced green tea with ginseng extract among its line of products. In addition, it may also contain Asian plum, honey, or mandarin orange. For a more sublime taste, AriZona green tea diet comes in blueberry, raspberry, and cranberry apple.

Think about it. All these fruity health benefits in a can. AriZona diet green tea is green tea without the taste some people find weird.

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  1. Straus Davis said:

    I am an avid drinker of teas…However, when I was diagnosed with having Diabetes, I had to find a tea that was good tasting, yet did not contain sugar or carbohydrates. I found a tea that meet my basic requirements. In addition, it was a green tea, and sweetened with Splenda. I drink approximately 84 ozs a day. It is one of the best flavored teas I have drank. If you like tea, and don’t want the after taste of those so-called artificial sweeteners, chose Arizona Green Tea with Ginseng, that is sweetened with Splenda. You will love it…I guarantee it..

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