Birthday Tea Party – Your Daughter Will Love This One

A birthday tea party is an elegant and fun way to celebrate your child’s birthday party.

Your daughter and all her invited guests will have a wonderful time with this kid birthday party theme.

And you can put together lots of fun activities and games that will keep everyone busy and having lots of fun.

You can also use your tea party theme to teach your child and all her friends proper manners and etiquette.

Birthday Tea Party Invitation

Set the stage for your child’s tea party by making your invitation elegant but fun. And you’ll have your invited guests excited if you tell them you’ll be doing makeovers and playing dress up.

You might word your invitation like this:

“(First and last name of the birthday girl) invites you to join her for a birthday tea party celebrating her (number of birthday) th. birthday.”

“For your tea time with ()birthday child’s first name) please wear a party dress for high tea. You can also wear your dress up hat and gloves.”

Make your invitation really special and exciting you might include a pair of white gloves with the invitation.

If your birthday tea party is for younger children, you might ask them to bring a favorite doll or stuffed animal with them.

And don’t forget to give them all the important information too.

“Our special tea party will take place on (month and date) at (start time for your party), ending promptly at (end time).”

Giving an end time for your party will keep you from having party guests stuck at your house waiting for a parent to pick them up.

“Our party location will be (street address and other important location information).”

You can also mention that you will be doing make overs and playing dress up.

You can deliver your invitation by postal mail or you can have a gentleman in a butler suite or tuxedo hand deliver the invitations. What fun!

If you send your invitation by postal mail, consider using a special envelope and stationary. Anything to make your invitation elegant and fun.

Birthday Tea Party Decoration

Think elegant, pink and fun with balloons, streamers, ribbon, confetti and glitter.

Mix pink, white, gold, silver, royal blue and red.

Use balloons to create a pink and white ceiling. You can also use red ribbon tied to the balloons as streamers so your guests can get hold of the balloons and play with them. Have some balloons on the floor as well.

A tea party pinata is also a great idea.

And don’t forget to use some balloons and streamers outside to decorate your mail box or doorway.

Set An Elegant Table

Set your table using a table cloth, plates, cups and napkins. You’ll also need forks and spoons. You might want to roll up each fork and spoon setting with an elegant napkin and tie it with a nice ribbon.

Decorate your table cloth with glitter.

Use a colorful tea pot as a fun centerpiece. Attach a small helium filled balloon bouquet to the tea pot.

To make your table setting really exciting, you can put a few party favors by each place setting. A ring, a fun bracelet or even a tiara for each guest.

Birthday Tea Party Games

Get things started as soon as the first guest arrives, this will keep everyone from just “standing around” while they wait for all your guests.

Give everyone some indoor bubbles to blow.

Have your guests make a tiara

Give each girl a coloring page from the tea party in the Disney movie “Alice in Wonderland.”

You might even have the tea party scene from “Alice in Wonderland” playing on a DVD in your living room or family room.

Make Over

Pick up a small mirror and comb set for each guest. You can also pick up an assortment of lipstick and nail polish.

Let the girls help each other with a make over.

Just for fun you can also pick up a few colorful costume boas, hair clips, costume jewelry and even high heel shoes.

You can always pick up a few dress up items at a local thrift store. This is a great way to save some money and give a little back to your community at the same time.

Pass The Ring

Have all your guests stand in a circle.

Now place a small ring on a long piece of string and tie the ends of the string together.

Now have your guests hold the string while your birthday girl puts her hand over the ring.

To start the game, have one player stand in the middle of the circle as all the other guests pretend to be sliding the ring along the string and secretly passing the ring to each other.

The player in the middle tries to guess who really has the ring.

When the player guesses who has the ring. That person switches places with the player in the middle.

Birthday Tea Party Food

Think elegant, think fun! If your group is very young you may want to stick with cake and ice cream.

  • Small finger sandwiches
  • Sliced veggies
  • A crackers and cheese plate
  • Pizza cut into small squares
  • Grapes
  • Melon balls or slices
  • Strawberries dipped in chocolate
  • Elegant Mint candies
  • Jello Jigglers

You can easily add a very elegant touch to the serving of food and treats by asking an older male to put on a a tuxedo or a suit and tie and serve the food.

This can be a lot of fun especially if the male actually pretends to be the butler by asking the birthday girl what she would like and serving it to her and her guests.

Birthday Tea Party

You can easily put together an elegant cake for your daughters tea party.

One things for sure, your birthday child is going to have an absolutely wonderful time at their fun birthday tea party.

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