Myth or Fact: Does Green Tea Boost Metabolism?

Maybe you have been to an Asian restaurant and noticed the multitude of green tea pitchers on the table. It is almost as popular in these restaurants as water. You may have also heard that those who are from this culture have grown into a tradition of drinking green tea after every single meal. Why is this group of people so set on green tea? It is now being found that their reasons are longer than a top ten list.

One of the major benefits of green tea is that it boosts metabolism. This is not a myth that has been spread through hear say of your favorite Chinese restaurant. The components that are in green tea work in order to balance and increase energy that works in your internal system. Its role is to speed up the energy that is being used in your body. As an after effect, it moves into the metabolism, allowing it to get an extra energy boost that speeds everything up.

Those who know green tea also swear by it helping with things like weight control. How can it do this? Green tea begins by boosting the different components that are located in the metabolism, including the break up of unnecessary elements. While it is working to increase energy, it will focus on the target of carbohydrates that are nearby and waiting to be digested in your metabolism. While it is in that area, it will also work towards burning calories, substituting it instead with a higher energy level.

Not only is the idea of green tea boosting the metabolism hearsay from the culture that many have seen, but it has also been scientifically proven. The metabolism’s energy was found to increase by four percent by several patients. This was only after using the green tea substances for a very short amount of time. This is especially significant for those who want some help loosing weight for starters.

If you need an extra lift or an extra boost for your internal system, green tea is one of the options you should be considering. You will want to find something that is natural, tastes good and is healthy. You not only will be helping to boost your metabolism, but will also be helping your body to get back in shape. If you aren’t sure, all you have to do is remember that green tea can’t really hurt you. What do you have to loose? Maybe it will only be the weight.

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  1. Aussiegirl93 said:

    I drink green tea about 4 times a day and believe it really does speed up metabolism and I’m not sure if it is because of the green tea, but my metabolism is very fast. Green tea is also great for the skin.

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