Side Effects of Drinking Green Tea

Every drink will have specific reactions that are related to them. Most are familiar with what some of these drinks can do, while others have more hidden side effects. Drinking green tea can have some of these side effects. If you want to know what to look out for, as well as what will benefit you, then you can simply look before drinking.

The first set of side effects that occur from drinking green tea is related to the caffeine that is in the green tea. For some, they are sensitive to this particular part of the tea, and it may cause them to loose sleep, even for an entire night. For those that are extremely sensitive to caffeine, green tea may also cause problems with hypertension and anxiety. However, with this part of the green tea, you can keep in mind that most mixtures of the herbs will contain a smaller amount than other caffeinated drinks, such as coffee.

Another negative side effect from drinking green tea is smaller, but can be a problem, depending on how your body reacts to specific chemicals. The iron that is found in some of the plants that are consolidated in the green tea can easily be absorbed by women because of their natural build. This type of iron is not necessarily considered healthy, and may be the cause of iron deficiency. However, if the iron is balanced out in other ways and through other substances, this will not be effective.

The other side effects from drinking green tea are positive. Overall, most say that green tea is harmless, as well as healthy in a variety of ways. It is known to clear the immune system, help the circulation and flow of blood, and clean out other parts of the system. If you have high cholesterol or extra calories in your body, green tea can be effective in helping these to be reduced and to balance out. This, of course, will occur after drinking the green tea for a longer amount of time.

For some less excessive side effects, you can also use green tea. It has been used in China for centuries in order to relieve some common symptoms such as headaches. If someone was having problems with the body, and was in pain, green tea would be given to the patient to relieve some of the tension in their body. Green tea is known for calming the pains that are in the body, making it an even more powerful drink.

For those that want a cleaning and empowering drink, then they only need to look towards the side effects of green tea. This will give them the ability to enhance the health of their life and relax. If you are in any pain, you don’t necessarily need a pain medicine. If you are having immune problems, or other internal problems, you don’t need surgery. Instead, you can use green tea to help enhance your health and your life.

Julie Health writes about the health benefits of drinking green tea at her website.

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  1. regina said:

    im have drink green tea for a while, i started breaking out with spots all over my body starting with my mouth, and then my back and chest. was told that this might be steves johnson . i stoped drinking the tea and everything went away leaving scars. wasnt sure how this all came to be but i started drinking the tea again about 4 weeks ago now broke out again even worse this time. so dont think there will be anymore green tea.

  2. China Coffee Consumption | Coffee Inside said:

    […] those that want a cleaning and empowering drink, then they only need to look towards the side effects of green tea. This will give them the ability to enhance the health of their life and relax. If you are in any […]

  3. Side Effects of Drinking Green Tea | The Green Tea Extract Benefits said:

    […] additional negative aspect result from consuming green tea is more compact, but can be a dilemma, depending on how your human body reacts to distinct chemical […]

  4. ComputerGeek said:

    I’m drinking green tea too, but that’s not the only green I get. I also smoke herbs, oh yes, the good stuff.
    Mix Green Tea Drink + Marijuana Smoke daily, be problem free! Never 1 health issue in my life that was memorable and been doing this since age 12-23.

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