Beneficial Effects of Green Tea

Over the past few years, we have heard a lot about green tea. Study after study shows beneficial effects of green tea are real. In our society, we eat too much, we consume the wrong foods, we work too many hours, and we take too little time for ourselves. To balance things out, many people are searching for a way to improve health that still fits in with a busy lifestyle. Green tea is an excellent option since it can be consumed as a liquid drink or used in baking and cooking.

In this article, we wanted to address some of the top beneficial effects of green tea so you can see for yourself why all the fuss. This type of tea is highly rich in epigallocatechin gallate, otherwise known as EGCG, a powerful and effective antioxidant. This type of antioxidant has been studied in-depth with the results showing just how powerful it is.

For starters, EGCG can inhibit the growth of cancer cells. Even better, beneficial effects of green tea also confirm the prevention of cancer cells while not harming surrounding, healthy tissue. With cancer on the rise in this country, this news is truly remarkable. Another green tea benefit is the lowering of LDL cholesterol, also called “bad cholesterol”. Many of the foods we eat are loaded with saturated fat, which increases cholesterol levels that ultimately lead to heart attack and even stroke.

Even more fascinating is that green tea beneficial effects include a study performed by the French. Most people know that French food, as good as it is, is loaded with fat. However, for some reason, French people are shown to have a much lower occurrence of heart disease than people living in the United States have. The reason is directly linked to the resveratrol in red wine. What makes this information so great is that EGCG found in green tea is 50% more powerful than resveratrol, thus reducing risk of heart disease in people who consume it.

If you look at the Chinese and Japanese cultures, they have very few heart problems. The key is the consumption of green tea. However, the difference between Asian cultures and our own is that they steam the leaves rather than boil them. As a result, EGCG is not lost, making it far more effective. Therefore, to enjoy the beneficial effects of green tea, we suggest you purchase a steamer specifically designed for tea leaves.

Other green tea beneficial effects include diet. Our country is in an obese epidemic with numbers on the rise. New evidence has been released showing that green tea taken or consumed daily helps curb the appetite, thus aiding with weight loss efforts. In fact, some of the current studies show that drinking green tea or using it in cooking helps burn far more calories than other forms of caffeine.

Finally, beneficial effects of green tea connect with tooth decay. Cavities form from bacteria found in the mouth. Even frequent brushing and rinsing cannot eliminate all the harmful bacteria. However, green tea destroys bacteria, which causes plaque. As you can see, the beneficial effects of green tea address many of the health issues each of us face every day.

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  1. Mimie said:

    Im only drinking Green Tea for the past 2 weeks but i notice that im losing some inches on my waist… Green Tea makes me sweat more and lost my appetite that makes reduce my weight..this is great and healthy to.. I love drinking it now.. im no longer drinking coffee , i drink green tea now for a healthy living…

  2. nida said:

    I’m drinking green tea n following a diet plan also…I’ve reduced many kgs, n looks pretty n beautiful now

  3. Fundiswa said:

    My health is improving eversince I used green tea, thank you for your advice.

  4. simon said:

    Hi can you tell me if adding a little bit of sugar to the green tea destroys its health benefits?

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