Benefits of Herbal Green Tea

When it comes to tea, herbal green tea is by far one of the most, well known, and beneficial. In fact, the benefits of herbal green tea are cherished around the globe. For more than 5,000 years, different Asian countries have enjoyed both flavor and health benefits of herbal green tea but it has just been in the past 50 years that people in America have taken advantage of green tea.

When you consider that some of the benefits of herbal green tea include the prevention of cellular damage to the body, thus reduction or elimination of cancer, lower blood pressure and LDL, better immune system and cardiovascular system, and even weight loss, it is no wonder that green tea is receiving such rave reviews. In this article, we will discuss just why herbal green tea is so beneficial.

You see, this particular type of tea contains catechin polyphenols such as EGCG, which is a strong and powerful antioxidant. Although other types of tea contain these antioxidants, the difference with green tea is that it contains the greatest concentration, thus the most beneficial of all teas. With EGCG, both circulatory and heart health are improved. For this reason, herbal green tea is recommended by many doctors to patients.

Now, when shopping around for herbal green tea, you will find different levels of catechins. Whether drinking green tea, baking with green tea powder, or taking a supplement of green tea, for optimal benefit choose a product with a level of 50%. You can check the labels of various brands to determine the percentage of catechins. Keep in mind that herbs are not monitored by the Food and Drug Administration so it is vital that you purchase products from a reputable company.

Since green tea helps with weight loss, it is common to find a number of diet pills containing herbal green tea. Typically, these products are a carefully formulated dose of caffeine and green tea extract, which has been proven to burn more calories than other diet pills. In some cases, you will find herbal green tea diet pills that also contain compounds such as silica, rice powder, cellulose, and magnesium stearate.

Many times, new products are introduced to the public, making huge promises that fall short. However, with herbal green tea, the majority of researchers agree that the components offer tremendous benefit. In addition to those benefits already mentioned, others include better concentration, regulation of blood sugar, better digestion, and more.

What we know is that people from Asian countries and France where herbal green tea is a staple have lower incidences of heart related diseases. In fact, in Japan, we see a reduction of 75%! The bottom line is that herbal green tea contains a number of medicinal properties known as antioxidants that prevent damage to the body, specifically the cellular system, caused by free radicals that occur naturally but increase in number, due to things in the environment. Therefore, adding herbal green tea to your daily routine is a great way to start living a healthier lifestyle.

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    Fantastic article Julie it would be fantastic to compare the differences between green, oolong and black tea I cant seem to find an article anywhere with regards to this it would be interesting to hear how the differences in oxidation effect the chemical properties in different teas

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