Key Facts About Antioxidant Vitamins

It is a common fact that your health is determined by what you eat. If you want to be healthy, you must eat food with the necessary nutrients which your body need.

Today, cardiovascular disease is the foremost cause of death for African-American men and women, claiming the lives of over 100,000 annually. In recent years, there has been scientific research conducted in the US to establish how antioxidant vitamins may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Based on previous studies, it has been established that antioxidant vitamins, such as vitamin E, vitamin C, and beta carotene (a type of vitamin A), have potential health-promoting properties. The data on antioxidant vitamins is incomplete for the most part but up to 30% of Americans are already taking some form of antioxidant vitamin supplement along with their diet.

However, due to the lack of sufficient data to support the success of antioxidant vitamins supplement against cardiovascular diseases and other such degenerative illnesses, the American Heart Association does not recommend using antioxidant vitamins supplements. However, they recommend continued taking of antioxidant vitamins found in the foods that we eat.

Some of the basic food groups that prove to be rich sources of antioxidant vitamins are breads, cereals, pasta, and starchy vegetables (such as potatoes, yam, squash, etc.). Fruits and vegetables; fat-free milk and low-fat dairy products, and lean meat, fish, and poultry are some of the key food items that you must eat to keep healthy. Although it is a fact that there is nothing healthier than including fresh produce in your diet, there is actually another reason why doctors insist on a healthy diet of fresh fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are antioxidant foods are powerful at fighting free radicals which are created during the natural process of oxidation. Eating all the foods that are recommended is essential if you want to keep healthy.

Additionally, if you follow this diet and east these basic food groups, you not only ingest a high level of natural antioxidant vitamins, but you also keep fat buildup in your body. Eating a variety of foods low in saturated fat and cholesterol will provide a rich natural source of antioxidant vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

Why do we need antioxidant vitamins? Oxygen radicals are everywhere because we live in an atmosphere that contains oxygen. Oxidation is a process that naturally occurs in the body and a natural consequence of it are the radical particles that have since been referred to as free radicals. Scientists point to these so-called free radicals as the culprits when it comes to most degenerative diseases. Free radicals are blamed for even the simplest of illnesses, such as colds.

There is an increasing body of proof that oxidative stress is linked to many diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, neurological disorders, cataracts, and arthritis. Our strongest defenses against these harmful free radicals are antioxidant vitamins which are contained in the foods that we eat.

By eating the right foods with antioxidant vitamins, our bodies fight against diseases and we remain healthy.

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