Get Out of the Heat and Into Iced Green Tea

It is the middle of July. You are enjoying the rays while you lay out on the beach. Your vacation is for a short time, but you know to take advantage of what the outdoors have to offer. There is only one problem. You know that you want to stay healthy while you are outdoors. That means you can’t drink soda pop, and you are really tired of the cold water and energy drinks. What you are really craving is green tea. The problem is that it is as hot as the summer sun.

Think again! There are several ways to drink the tea that you love, including the form of iced green tea. If you are out in the heat, why not bring the tea with you. The easiest way to do this, of course, is to find the various companies that have green tea in a cold form. It is as effective as the warm tea that you are used to drinking, while still adding in the flavors that are beneficial to you.

Of course, you can always take an alternative route and make your own iced green tea. The first thing to do is to find a glass container that will hold in the tea and is heat resistant. You will add a pitcher full of warm water into the glass. The water should not be as cold as room temperature but does not need to be boiling either.

After this, you can add green tea bags into the water. You will want to mix the flavor into the water by moving the bags back and forth in the water. This will help the flavor as well as the extracts to move into the hot water, giving you everything you need for the perfect cup of green tea. If you want, you can use green tea leaves and do the same thing.

After you take the tea out, simply put the container in the refrigerator. You should keep this in the chilled area for at least an hour, just to make sure it fits the summer sun. After this, you have created magic! Iced green tea is at its best flavor and with the substances that you need in order to stay at your best health.

Whether you like your tea hot or cold, you can find the perfect combination to add onto your perfect day. Iced green tea is easy to find, as well as easy to make. By knowing the combinations, you can be certain to quench your thirst with an alternative method. This will help you enjoy your time in the sun, and allow you to internally benefit from the cold.

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