How do You Make Chinese Green Tea?

Okay, you want a cup of tea so you boil water, dip the tea bag in a couple of times, and call it done, right? WRONG! Many people are tired of poor tasting tea, which leads them to ask, “How do you make Chinese green tea?” As you will discover in this article, there is actually an art to making exceptional tea. While not rocket science, a few proper steps will make a huge difference in not only the flavor of the tea but also the level of nutrients being retained or destroyed.

Okay, so how do you make Chinese green tea? For starters, good tea is all about the right combination of water’s solvent properties, which is then heated to the right temperature so the chemical compounds from the tealeaves are extracted. Of course, some of the chemicals from the green tea are going to be extracted even in cold water but as you can imagine, many of the vital health benefits are lost.

When we are asked, “How do you make Chinese green tea?”, we always start by recommending you use the right type of teapot and utensils. The best teapot option is one that has a mesh container that sits down inside the actual teapot. With this, as water boils, the tealeaves are only slightly boiled while being more steamed. The result is incredible flavor but also the rich nutrients.

Next when asked, “How do you make Chinese green tea?”, we suggest you use cold, mineral spring water. Although warm tap water would do in a pinch, you would notice a significant difference in taste between the two options. After all, the finished cup of tea is going to be primarily water so the type of water you use will have a direct impact on flavor.

Okay, our information on “How do you make Chinese green tea?” continues with preparation of the tea. We suggest you make only the amount of tea you will drink immediately in that once tea sits it becomes bitter. Of course, the actual seeping time of the tea will vary according to the exact type of green tea. In other words, you would seep tea bags between three and five minutes while loose-leaf green tea may take slightly longer. For water temperature, you want the boiled or steamed water to be anywhere from 165 to 185 degrees Fahrenheit.

Finally, we want to add one more thing to the question, “How do you make Chinese green tea?” The amount of tea is important. Although tea bags are convenient and somewhat flavorful, you will enjoy the richness of tealeaves more. Again, the best method is by using an infuser (teapot with a mesh container) or a tea ball, both of which can be purchased through a variety of teashops and department stores. You can simply use one teaspoon of the loose-leaf tea for every six to eight ounce cup of water, depending on the level of intensity preferred.

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