How is Green Tea Used

Green tea is an herb that comes from Japan, China, and other Asian countries, known officially as “Camellia sinesis”. The leaves of the plant are harvested and then steamed. When consumed as a beverage or through powder made from dried leaves, green tea has shown to provide tremendous health benefit. An active ingredient found in green tea is called epigallocatechin Gallate, more commonly referred to as EGCG.

How green tea is used varies slightly from one part of Asia to another, as well as within other countries. For examples, green tea is usually consumed as a hot tea in Japan and China, often enjoyed in formal settings of a teahouse. However, when asked, “How is green tea used” referring to the United States, you will find that the powder is used for baking, to make fruit smoothies, as a cold beverage, and more.

Now, how green tea is used is not as important as making sure it is used. In other words, whether steaming, boiling, or using the powder form of green tea will provide antioxidants that have been proven through one study after another to boost health. For instance, is has been shown that green tea helps fight cancer, lowers LDL or bad cholesterol, prevents tooth decay, and even serves as a dietary supplement for people wanting to lose weight.

Since there are so many different ways for using this type of tea, we wanted to provide some tips on how green tea is used in our culture. For athletes, good carbohydrates, proper level of fat, and many nutrients are required to compete. Green tea is loaded with rich bioflavonoid elements that can improve performance. In other words, consuming the right amount of green tea daily would keep a person healthy and when used in smoothies, boost energy.

Okay, how is green tea used in fighting weight? Well, we know that Americans are currently fighting an epidemic of obesity. More than any other time in history, our society is eating worse exercising less, and walking around with excessive weight. As a result, we see a significant increase in heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, boosted blood pressure, joint pain, and more. By using green tea, appetite is often suppressed, which means less food consumption.

Next question would be how is green tea used for benefiting children? Again, when taken in the right quantity, green tea is harmless to adults and to children. You could introduce green tea into your child’s diet, knowing you are doing something positive for his or her health while also providing food rich in nutrients. For example, instead of sending your child to school with chocolate chip cookies, why not make carob and green tea cookies. The flavor is delicious and your child will be thrilled.

The bottom line is that how green tea is used is multifaceted. With so many proven benefits, we see dentists recommending it to patients to help prevent and fight bacteria in the mouth that causes plaque. We see stressed out businesspeople using green tea as a soothing drink to relax. Finally, we see green tea used in the battle against cancer. Therefore, when you hear, “How is green tea used” , you know the answer is in many forms, all helping to improve overall health.

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