Japanese Green Tea

Not only does green tea have several benefits that you can drink up, but there are also varieties that are available to quench your thirst. One of the combinations of green tea that is available is Japanese green tea. If you are considering a variation of teas, this will definitely be one to put on your grocery list for health.

Japanese green tea is also known as Ocha. It became a popular beverage in Japan about 1,200 years ago, mostly known for the health benefits that it offered. It became so popular so quickly, that is was soon a regular custom after every meal to drink the Japanese green tea. From the basics of this type of tea, there was an expansion into variations that the tea offered.

The major difference between the teas of this culture to others is that it contains very little caffeine. This is mostly because of the ability for a different variety of tea leaves to come from the area. Because of this, several prefer this type of green tea to others that are available in the market. Another difference with this green tea is that it is processed differently than other types of teas. After the green tea leaves are grown, they will all be steamed first, then dried and rolled. From here, they will be blended into a mixture to make the tea.

There are three major types of teas that will be used with this process, all which will create a various flavor. The first known leaf is the Gyokuro. This green tea leaf will produce a sweeter flavor than other green teas, and is the dominant type of leaf used in most green teas. Maccha is the second type of green tea, and differs from the other because it is processed into a powder. Maccha will be used more for tea ceremonies than for regular drinking because of the process it goes through. The third major type of green tea is Houjicha. This tea differs from the others because the leaves are roasted instead of steamed, allowing for a different type of taste.

If you want to experience the varieties a culture can produce, then looking into the Japanese green tea and the different processes that create flavor is a place to begin. This will give you a different and enriching tea experience, which can help your taste buds to find the best tea fit for you.

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