Powerful Super Green Tea Diet

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Nature’s Bounty, America’s largest manufacturer of quality vitamins, minerals, food supplements, health and beauty aids, was among those who took advantage of the recently discovered weight loss benefits of green tea. They called their product the super green tea diet, a fitting title for a truly super health drink.

Legend states that the person who first discovered the countless benefits of green tea was the Chinese Emperor Shen Nung. It is said that the emperor was trying to boil some water when leaves from a nearby plant fell into his cauldron. The result was a highly aromatic and beneficial herbal drink that became known as green tea.

For 4,000 years, green tea was a staple drink among Asians. When the beverage finally made its grand crossover in the Western shores, it was found that green tea holds even more benefits for its drinkers. Diets such as the super green tea diet were born.

Super green tea diet is a weight loss and workout all in one capsule. It helps burn calories by promoting sugar and fat metabolism. Studies show that the catechin polyphenols found in the diet supplements react with other antioxidants to promote thermogenesis, which is responsible for burning body-fat and increasing metabolism.

Similarly, the antioxidants found in the green tea diet supplements inhibit the production of insulin, the hormone that stores calories into fats. The supplements to suppress insulin, fats are readily made available, turning them into pure energy for the muscles.

Interesting enough, the super green tea diet is ephedra-free. Ephedra is a harmful substance contained in most dietary supplements and has been known to be the cause of two deaths reported to the FDA. With the super green tea diet, you lose weight and at the same time, keep yourself safe from the harmful effects of ephedra.

Another point to note is the super green tea diet also contains green tea extract and Chromium which is a major contributor in increasing fat and sugar metabolism. This action leads to faster fat-burning and faster weight loss.

The diet gives you the “extra push” you need to get your weight loss goals into action. It combines all-natural ingredients to help you achieve the body you’ve always wanted. Uva Ursi in super green tea diet has diuretic properties that help you maintain fluid balance in your body. Vitamin B-6, Ginger, and Guarana making it a great source of energy. Perfect for those enrolled in workout regimens. Super green tea diet also contains Ginger Zingiber officinale (root) and Bladderwack Extract Fucus vesiculosus (herb).

Super green tea diet is a diet pill that really works. According to some online product reviews, you could lose up to ten pounds in a month when you use the product. Taking one pill after two meals with a full glass of water should do the trick for you.

Super green tea diet works ideally with a workout or diet plan. This is a provision afforded to you for free because it includes a specially formulated diet plan enclosed in the box.

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  1. Donna said:

    I have been taking this capsule for approx 2 months now – side effects: whenever I stopped taking, the crash afterwards led to approx 3 days of extreme mental and physical exhaustion, excessive dullness of thought, impatience and short-tempered, dull ache behind the eyes, migraines and sensitivity to light and noise, and a level of depression that borders on the desire to ‘just not want to wake up again’. This may not be the same for all users of this product but I urge all to proceed with caution lest some enhanced sensitivity to one or more of the ingredients leaves you feeling the same. The initial feeling however is one of being energised, euphoric and in love with the world on a whole – this level of up/down, is dangerous in my opinion.

  2. Bow said:

    I have just taken the pill once…and just about 2 mins after I have taken the pill I felt very strange…I felt like my body was numb and shaking inside…I tried to work but I could not concentrate, I felt like sleeping and felt weak, I was quite scared. However, after I have ate dinner I felt much better and I can feel the fat are being burnt very fast… I am going to continue with the pill for a week or so and see if there is any changes…and I will be reporting it later on.

  3. Ansonette said:

    I have been taking the pill for about 3/4months now, however not on a regular basis. I have lost nearly 3stone..as the pill really suppresses my appetite. I take the pill about 4times a week as i work night shift and do not want to take the pill during the day.(keeps me awake)

    This pill really works for me and i will continue to take it until i reach my goal weight (also gives me more energy when working out)

  4. Christina Hall said:

    I have tried taking this product before but was very ill. I think it was because I was using the green tea as well. Today I have started taking the product again, but find that I keep burping. Should I drink plenty of water. I am on medication for blood pressure and also on anti-depressants prescribed by neurologist. I think the anti-depressants have caused me to put on weight. I am currently doing pilates and salsa. Please advise if there is anything else that I need to do. I have also changed the way I eat i.e. having smaller amounts through the day. Thanking you

  5. Jenny said:

    I have bought some of these pills today as i want to loose weight. I didn’t get a leaflet with them so i need a little advice on what i should eat and drink whilst taking them.. And, any other advice anyone should want to give…

  6. Cheryl said:

    I had all the same feelings as bow above but iv since been taking them for 1 wk and have lost 3lb but a also went running twice a week as for CHRISTINA HALL I dont think you should be taking these whilst takin everything else try running thats a great stress buster gets rid of the blues instantly and JENNY the diet is inside the bottle ever so small but is in there

  7. Chantelle said:

    Hi there,

    I started taking these pills last weekend, as well as going on a diet and going to the gym.
    I really think that the effect of the pill depends on how many other changes you are making at the same time and also if you are on any other medication.

    After a long time of eating badly and doing NO exercise, I have put myself of a diet as well doing a couple of classes at the gym 3 or 4 times a week and started taking these pills. Looking at that now – those are a lot of changes to make so suddenly…

    Anyway, at first I felt fine, but after a few days, I started to feel sick – a dull pain in my stomach and head. I had a feeling it had something to do with the pills, especially as I started to notice I couldn’t face food.

    I think if you are going to take these tablets, definitely proceed with caution, after all, it is unnatural to not have an appetite.

    My suggetion is, eat a healthy, balanced diet and take these pills on a full stomach – they can then be absorbed properly.

    Maybe taking 2 pills daily is a bit of overkill also, I don’t think it would be a bad idea to alternate when you take them… have a day on the pills and then the next day off – maybe supplement with a cup of green or nettle tea.

    Hope this helps – good luck!

  8. Jodey said:

    Like Jenny I have recently bought some pills but they came with no leaflet. I would welcome any advise anyone would like to share. The only side effect I have experienced is a dry mouth. I find I am drinking more water – which isn’t a bad thing!!

  9. madge said:

    hey, I am about to buy these products…..
    how old do u have to be?
    I am hoping these will work
    as I’ve tried everything!!!
    I don’t care about side effects, I care
    about losing weight!!

  10. Chloe said:

    I started taking these a while back and immediately felt strange. It lowers your blood sugar and the chromium affects the insulin levels. I did not follow the diet plan but ate reasonably well and did a lot of walking. The diet is designed around a reduced calorie intake with plenty of fruit and veg, its just general sensible eating, really not much different to my normal diet. I started to feel very strange, weak, shaky, and not my usual self. It was like a panic attack mixed with an outer body experience, really wierd stuff. Very scary! Taking the pills also makes me very very hungary to the point of feeling like I’m going to pass out.

    I stopped for a couple of weeks then I started to take 1 capsule a day at lunch instead of 2 capsules a day and took up drinking fresh green tea. It’s wonderful and I lost over 14lbs and dropped a dress size. drinking green tea is much easier i feel and after you get used to the taste its quite pleasant. my energy levels have improved and feel generally uplifted!

  11. Chris said:

    Hi, I’m only 14 should I be taking this?
    Also I didn’t recive a diet plan but I do alot
    of exersize and eat well, is it safe for me?

  12. lisa said:

    i think there brilliant for a busy multi-tasking person (not going to say woman as sexist lol!!)
    i have two children, self employed Sport Therapist, and at uni, i pick all the time as im constantly on the go “most of the time”.
    I find them good, yes you can feel slightly edgy, but then if your speeding up your metabolism, you’d expect this, as it puts your body into what i call fastforward mode, thats how you burn the excess energy off, hence the weight loss, i dont need to lose weight, but being forty im maintaining it, along side a hectic lifestyle, for the people getting adverse effects, you need to be doing more with this extra energy the pills give you.
    Any further questions im here!

  13. annie said:


    How do I purchase these tablets that you are all discussing? and how much are they? Cant seem to find how to purchase them.

    Thanks for all the feedback

    Kind regards

  14. katie said:

    i am 5′ 2″, i weigh 9 st 11lb and bought super green tea pills from holland and barrett last sunday.

    i took my first 2 on monday and felt very weird almost like i was talking but not aware of what i was talking about and not really aware of moving my arms either.

    the next day i took 2 again, mid morning and mid afternoon as said on the box. i felt really full but i went for dinner and had some drinks anyway and was awake all night feeling fuller than i have felt in my life like i should make myself sick. i didnt though. i put this down to drinking.

    does anyone know if alcohol is bad with these pills?

    yesterday was the 3rd day, i pretty much turned grey and thought i was going to collapse. my body temperature dropped and i was freezing, my eyes and nose were streaming like i had a cold but i felt better by about 9pm. (i took the 2nd pill at 3pm) i went to bed and woke up about 1am really hot and my heart was racing. it was like this for a couple of hours then i fell asleep.

    now you would think im mad if i continue this but today i had breakfast and lunch and took a pill at 1pm and i will not take any more. i wondered if maybe with my height and weight i should only have 1 a day not 2.

    if anyone else has any feedback or experiences like this please let me know.

  15. Paula said:

    Hi I started these pills 3 days ago and have lost 3lb!… Feel great however am having trouble sleeping.
    I take the pills am and early pm, I am combining it with a Colon cleanser… I don’t have a lot of weight to loose but am off on hols soon!! will probably take 1 tablet a day after one week.. Do feel a bit jerky and spaced out but will continue….Am concerned by the excess vit B6 intake though so will reduce the pills to accomodate this…Good lick all

  16. kelly said:

    i’ve lost 4lb so far taking the pill, two a day, but my face looks extra puffy, help!
    i have been experiencing the same feelings as mostly everyone, very dizzy, like im gonna collapse. feeling very weird, uncomfortable stomach pains headach behind eyes.im hungry all the time, like i have to eat right now or i could drop down. then when i eat i barely eat anything before im very full.it works to eat a proper balanced meal and then a full glass of water. then take the pill, and drink more water! take the last pill as early in the day as possible.

  17. rachel said:

    Hi I bought these tablets last friday , am wanting to lose a bit of weight for x mas , when i took the first tablet I felt very strange and very dizzy. After being on these tablets for a week i personally feel like they make you feel more hungry and very weak.
    I dont personally know if I have losted any weight or gained more weight being on these tablets.
    I would advise to be careful taking these tablets especially if you have issues with your sleep.

  18. Rosie said:

    Hi ive been given simvasatatin by doctor want to know if ok to take whilst also taking green tea capsules.

  19. Julie said:

    OMG I took 2 pills this morning with breakfast and 2 early afternoon………..I feel like my chest head and arms are burning like someone applied icy hot to the inside of me. I am so scared I will not take these again and hope to god this feeling goes away soon. Maybe I took to many but thats what the bottle said to do I may sound jibberish thats because I am FREAKING out

  20. Evie said:

    So is the consensus just to take 1 a day rather than 2? I’m fed up of drinking loads of green tea to boost my metabolism. I hate hot drinks.
    Going to pop into Holland and Barrett soon.

  21. Jenny said:

    I have just purchased the pills this morning and have begun the regimen, while I am not sure why you have experienced this feeling Julie.
    My instructions say to take 1 capsule mid morning and 1 mid afternoon not to exceed 1 capsule 3-4 hours. So you might have consumed to much to soon, but you should consult your physician before starting again or even trying anything else.
    I wish you all the best.

  22. Annalise said:

    Hi i just started taking this pill yesterday and when i first started after a few minutes i felt as if my body was numb but it eventually wore off. Today however i took a pill in the morning after having a fruit shake, granola bar, and banana at like 8 and by 10 i felt a little bit shakey and naseous. Took another at 1 and felt shaky again. It is 6 right now but i feel fine after a few hours of taking it.
    Maybe i should cut down to 1 pill a day and drinking lots of water
    but i weigh about 155 and i go up and down from 150-156 all the time but so far since yesterday i have lost 3 lbs.
    I hope it continues as the week goes on along with the exercise i do everyday.
    Also drinking lots of water helps too
    lemme know if ur story was similar

  23. michelle said:

    Hi all, Ive just bought this from H&B £8.39 in store. You take 1 am & 1 b4 4pm.
    Took first 8.30am, after 30mins i felt speedy, chatty and happy. I felt a positive start. Took 2nd tab at 1.30. Dont take any more than states! Drink lots of water and eat before, anything to absorb tab. I did feel a little spacey but im going to cont.. Im not felling that i have to eat loads which is gd! Dnt take too late the last tab! I’d say 3pm latest just in case you cant relax. I’m also taking aloe vera colax after last meal.
    Im starting a 30min power walk from 2moro. I’ll let you know how i get on!!

  24. michelle said:

    I was 11.4, Im now 10.8, powerwalk 20mins 4dys per week. I take as stated. Took a few days to get used to, now i feel no symptoms at all.

  25. jo said:

    i also bought green tea extract capsules 315 mg are any one taking these 1s as on the bottle it says 1 cap a day no diet plan inside so im not to sure what to do

  26. mayna said:

    damn i never really believed the hype in diet pills because ive never been overweight in my life. maybe a few extra lbs that needed to relocate but nothing to go on an extreme diet over. just exercise alone usually did the trick. 90% of reviews of diet pills ive read or saw on tv were all “didnt work for me”, or “nothing happened dont waste your time” and this is the only reason i bought these because i do not need to lose weightlol but ive heard it gives you lots of energy and improve mental awareness etc. which i do need. well, after just one pill i felt hot and felt the need to sweat, as the day went on i literally felt fat burning i would say someone could lose a lb or 2 a day with these. the only side effects ive had were as soon as i took it i felt mildly nauseous and jittery i guess due to the caffiene in it but that only lasted for an hour maybe because i had just ate. and the other side effect was insomnia…i could not sleep i woke up at 7:00 in the morning took the pill around 10:00 and finally fell asleep at about 5:30am in the morning. then woke up again at 9:00 feeling like im well rested… other than that these pills are great but i dont kno if someone likeme should take these regularly cause i dont need to lose any weight, if anything i need to gain.

  27. mayna said:

    i would like to add that i am 5″4 140lbs that might be healthy for some but im naturally voluptuous and need that little extra fat to not make me look sick lol…i also reccomend to everyone to only take one at most 2 cause i could not imagine taking 4 in a day like julia did 0_0!

  28. Anna said:

    Um. Every single review is a negative one. Maybe you should NOT take these pills, guys. Sheesh.

  29. sarah said:

    wow i started taking these and felt really funny to begin with, i only took 1 at 11am and i was in my office and all of a sudden i got the giggles. Then felt in a daze. I then had lunch and now i feel normal. I am not going to take one this afternoon i have decided to take just 1 a day and to take it after lunch. I want to lose half a stone in two months – i will let you know how i get on. Good luck everyone!

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