Negative Effects of Green Tea Leaves

Most people think only of positive benefits of green tea. However, while this type of tea does offer some excellent benefits, many directly related to health, it is also important to understand there are some negative effects of green tea leaves. Just as with many foods and drinks we consume, green tea may not be good for everyone. Therefore, we wanted to address some of the negative effects of green tea leaves so you can determine if this is right for you.

Green tea comes from a bush in the Camellia family, which is why the official name for green tea is Camellia sinensis, which is Latin. This evergreen bush has shiny, pointed leaves that have a wonderful aroma. This particular bush also produces beautiful white flowers. Today, green tea is grown in more than 50 countries to include Argentina, Brazil, and Russia, among others.

The exciting thing about this tea is that study after study shows positive effects on the body, meaning the negative effects of green tea leaves is minimal. For instance, green tea contains powerful antioxidants that have been proven to help fight various forms of cancer, as well as tooth decay, obesity, high cholesterol, and heart disease. Because of the amazing benefits, the level of consumption for green tea has skyrocketed throughout the globe.

Now, when it comes to the negative effects of green tea leaves, we want to start with pregnant women – their ehr is often more diverse than any other demographic because they are living for two. Although most doctors agree that a small consumption of green tea is fine but when large amounts are consumed, caffeine can increase the risk of spontaneous abortion, low birth rate, and even growth retardation. Keep in mind that these risks are associated with the beverage of green tea, as well as supplements.

EGCG molecules, which are similar to a methotrexate compound, work by fighting off cancer cells by bonding with the dihydrofolate reductase enzyme, which is good in non-pregnant women. However, in pregnant women, the negative effects of green tea leaves involves involve the epigallocatechins, otherwise known as EGCG. In this situation, EGCG can affect the way in which the body uses folate, which is vital in the prevention of neural tube birth defects.

Nursing women should also consider the negative effects of green lea leaves. Remember, green tea is high in caffeine. Therefore, a woman who is breastfeeding and consuming green tea would be passing the caffeine on to the baby. Even small amounts or green tea powder used for baking, smoothies, and other foods should be avoided while nursing a baby.

In addition, negative effects of green tea leaves would link to individuals who have allergies. In this case, someone who is caffeine sensitive could develop problems such as hives and rash from consuming green tea. With caffeine being a stimulant that affects the central nervous system, other problems could result such as insomnia, excessive urination, reduction of potassium levels, and even incontinence. Just keep in mind that if you have any concerns about negative effects of green tea leaves for you, we recommend that you talk to your doctor or a health food specialist.

Julie Health writes about the benefits of drinking green tea and the harmful problems of green tea. Visit her website to discover more about how a miracle in a cup can improve your health.

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  1. justin b said:

    mormons keep telling me not to drink tea as stated in the words of wisdom…ive read the words and decided i do not agree with them and i doubt if they are truly the words of god…green tea really has no negative effects unless you are pregnat or nursing…ill continue with the cup of tea here on my table…i love god but i dont agree with the mormons on this topic but id love someone to challenge my opinion

  2. Will said:

    Hey Justin, you bring up some very good points about the health benefits of Green Tea. I don’t disagree with the proven health benefits of Green Tea and I respect your beliefs. I believe however, that in Green Tea there things that will effect our health adversely and the good things can be found from other sources. If you believe in God you probably also believe that He knows more that us and so it is possible that there are things that we don’t understand yet about Green Tea and that is why when God gave the Word of Wisdom that He included Tea.

  3. Walter said:

    I strongly disagree with both opinions towards god, but i won’t get into that.

    Justin B, i praise you for your appreciation of such a naturally healthy beneficial drink.

    Will, im sorry but you need to get your head out of the gutter.

  4. Billy said:

    Well Justin, you’re stupid because you contradicted yourself. God, by definition, is omnipotent and thus if you’re a believer you’re ignorant to go against its word.

    But then again, you’re ignorant for believing in god anyway.

    Second, Green Tea has far more negatives than are listed in this article. I suggest you read up on caffeine instead of your pathetic religions and gods.

  5. Bernice Kratchmer said:

    the word of wisdom is a lesser law to see if you can do as you are told or be obedient Im not explaining this right but it seems some of the things that we drink or eat are not good for us and they aren’t in the wow you have to use your own brains and give up say lobstet if it makes you sick if you keep eating it you are breaking the wow as it is up to us to use are own intelligence also. mormons drink a lot of coke but the wow says tea coffee hot drinks ect not coke if you decide to give up coke that is your own definition of the wow There needs to be a better understanding of the wow and a lot of it is your own testimony but being a mormon there is nothing worse than someone mormon or not telling me what to do and there personal ideas of the wow.I beleive in God but sometimes the leaders of the church IE ABrigham Young pout in things for there own personal reasons

  6. andie said:

    Justin; I personally don’t agree with the Mormons, but right now I think its beside the point. I don’t see the harm in any kind of tea.. Can it really be all that bad if people have been drinking it for centuries?

    Will; This will seem mildly contradictory, but if its so bad, why did God give it to us in the first place? To tempt us along with other things? Another thing, who really wrote the “Words of Wisdom” ? God or Man?

    Walter; I agree.

    Billy; I believe you are ignorant for calling someone else ignorant for their beliefs. People are entitled to their opinions, yes, and are also therefore entitled to discrimination and such because humans are cruel like that.

    To me, too much caffeine is bad, yes, but a little is good for the body. Its one of those bittersweet things in life.

  7. Emily said:

    that isn’t referring to Green Tea its self, its refering to the added Caffeine in the Green Tea.
    I might be wrong but I thought the Caffeine is put into Green Tea Bags by the distributor ? and that original Green Tea has no Caffeine in it ?

    In my opinion Pregnant women and breestfeeders should have have organic REAL Green tea! with no added preseratives and no Added CAFFEINE! and they should be fine and have no side effects.

    I will also add that I am aware I could be wrong with my facts on this one, I’m just going by what I have read and being told by several people


  8. Dawn said:

    Hi: Caffeine is not added to Green Tea. Black, Oolong, Green and White Tea all come from the same plant. They are treated slightly different in processing (roasting, oxidizing, etc.), but they are the same. There is a little less caffeine in a cup of green tea, then in black or oolong because fewer leaves are used to make a cup.

    Bottom line..same plant. About 20 mgs of caffeine in green tea and 40 in black. Decaffeinate it yourself. It’s easy.

  9. Dawn said:

    Oh, and The Word of Wisdom says not to drink stimulating drinks. It doesn’t mention what they are, The reason for the Word of Wisdom is to make your body healthy to be a temple for God. And Mormons should not be drinking coke if they follow the WOW. Caffeine-free would be okay, according to the accepted “interpretation”. No, I am not Mormon:). So I don’t really care what they do,….just pointing out facts:),

  10. jonarge said:

    I absolutely agree to what Will said. Word of Wisdom was came from God by revelation through his prophet in this latter-day, that he outlined there the substances that are not for in the body. Though these substances have beneficial effects if taken moderately or with prescription but they are addictive that may cause uncontrollable consumption and excessive take of these destroys our body system, that would lose our good judgment, truly is. That is the reason why God includes tea as well as coffee in his law of health, He knows more what is best for us than we do. He is omnipotent, and loving to all his children. Obedient is better than sacrifice.

  11. joseph said:

    I believe the Word of Wisdom 100%
    When you think about it the W.O.W. was given in the early 1800’s, at the time not only were coffee and tea mentioned, but tobacco and alcohol as well. Back then, many members of the Church questioned why they weren’t allowed to do these things as well, they didn’t believe it was bad for them. But now we know smoking is bad for your lungs, brain, and negatively effects nearly everything in your body. (Something people in the 1800’s and even early 1900’s didn’t know!) Alcohol we’ve found can literally destroy you liver, and nowadays look at all the problems that come from alcohol! We may not know all the negative effects of tea, but we know they contain tannin, which is bad for your stomach and is used to make animal skin into leather, (sounds yummy right?) Someone also said if we can’t drink coffee or tea we shouldn’t be able to drink coke. Coke only has approx. 35 mg of caffeine, whereas coffee ranges from 58-206 mg, and tea depending on the kind is from 26-120. I think when you look at the facts, the word of wisdom was given by god, the prophecy that was given then can help make our bodies much healthier.

    Those are my beliefs. 🙂

  12. Ruiz Mateos said:

    I love to cook, so I’m always searching new recepies to try. Could anybody recommend me what to cook today? Thanks a lot!

  13. Rich said:

    I was looking for FACTS on green tea, not some foolish discussion on fictional, invisible entities. Yes, of course people are entitled to believe in god, the tooth fairy or santa and his elves. So long as your beliefs do not lead you toward violence and you do not impose your delusions on me, I couldn’t care less what you believe.

  14. ezelle said:

    In short, one must drink decaffeinated green tea. Its health benefits are like 1 million times more powerful than its side effects.

  15. Li-Or said:

    Interesting reading about some of the cautions with green tea. Re: Ezelle’s comment, I’m not sure how true this is but I read somewhere that decaffeination may damage some of the catechins, polyphenols,vitamin-content and antioxidant levels of the green tea so that it reduces its power. But as I say, not sure about this yet. Must read more : )

  16. athina said:

    How on earth did this become a religious discussion??? Green tea has been proven to have anti-cancer properties!!! Would your “GOD” prefer to see people dying of cancer than to drink “stimulating beverages”?? Give me a freaking break!! religious fanatics!!

  17. kacki said:

    Thank you to the person who said “how on Earth did this become a religious discussion?” I was thinking the same thing! I’m a Christian, but I came to this website to get the negative effects of green tea, not to debate “WOW.” Wow, indeed!

  18. Chuck said:

    Joseph – I am a Mormon and have similar beliefs. However I would encourage you to research tannins and tannic acid before posting comments and/or making life decisions based upon what someone else has told you (I have also been fed the “tannins are used to make leather” line before). Tannins are actually another word for catechins and polyphenols, both of which are GOOD for the body and very strong cancer-preventers. Tannic acid (a form of which is used commercially in leather tanning) is a different compound, not found in green tea. The only potentially harmful compound in green tea is caffeine. However one cup of green tea per day has about the right amount of caffeine to modestly boost the metabolism (helping to curb obesity, reduce heart disease, etc.) without inducing the potentially negative effects of caffeine. And it has enough of the “good stuff” to induce the positive effects that have proven to be associated with green tea. A can of Coke has more caffeine than a cup of green tea, along with lots of processed sugar, preservatives, phosphoric acid, etc. that are clearly bad for the body. A can of Diet Coke has DOUBLE the caffeine of a cup of green tea as well as artificial sweeteners that have proven to be bad for the liver, kidneys and brain.

    I believe God intended the Word of Wisdom to be a guide for how to take care of our body. It also includes prohibitions against too much meat and encourages the consumption of whole grains and vegetables. As you pointed out, this is a revelation that was clearly ahead of its time. Unfortunately many of the most important guidelines seem to be widely ignored by many Mormons. The #1 killer in our country is heart disease, which is often caused by obesity, high cholesterol and other ailments directly linked to the consumption of too much red and processed meat (as well as tobacco and alcohol use). I would submit we would be a healthier people if we chose to focus more on that aspect of the Word of Wisdom rather than upon green tea as the “enemy.”

    My point is that if one condemns the use of green tea while embracing or allowing the use of Coke or other similar drinks, he or she is clearly missing the point and “looking beyond the mark” (to use a phrase familiar to many Mormons).

    I think your heart is in the right place, but you clearly appear misinformed.

    Best of luck and God bless!

  19. Jessei said:

    I’ve notice that when I started drinking green tea and green tea capsules I suffer from ” insomnia “.
    It’s really hard for me to sleep
    at night but the good thing is I’m
    still energetic in the morning and
    I don’t feel any dizziness at all.

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