Slimming Down the Facts: Weight Loss Studies on Green Tea

Rumor has it that Green Tea can help with weight loss. However, the rumors, like so many other diet secrets, may just be a fad that is being passed around in order to promote green tea as a product. If you want proof to see if green tea really is all that it promises, then you can look at some of the weight loss studies on green tea to find the legitimacy of the substance. The studies that have been provided all point to the same fact; Green Tea is a good supplement for helping with weight loss.

One of the weight loss studies that have been done for green tea began with monitoring individuals who drank green tea, showing the effects that were a part of the continuous part of green tea. It was shown that for those that drank green tea continuously for three months, were able to loose more body fat than those who were using regular exercise and weight loss routines without the green tea.

The study that was done showed that the support for weight loss came from a substance in green tea known as Catechin. This particular part of the extract of green tea works with the chemicals in the body that naturally trigger communication to the brain. Catechin will tell the body that it needs to speed up the metabolism and begin to burn more calories. This particular study has been considered as completely legitimate and has become a study that has been highlighted in places such as the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Other studies have supported this particular scientific knowledge on green tea, showing that both humans and animals react to the green tea in the same way. Another weight loss study on green tea, conducted at the Linus Pauling Institute, showed that the Catechin triggered specific areas of the brain for weight loss. Specifically, it moved to the Thermogenesis area of the brain. This particular area is one that communicates with the metabolism, telling it to produce more energy for the body. This particular effect from this study was then compared to caffeine. It was shown that green tea is more effective than any type of caffeinated drink in helping the body to produce more energy.

Of course, all of the studies state that green tea can not work alone for weight loss. It is a beneficial supplement for those that have a well-rounded routine and are working towards loosing weight. By adding it into the program, it can work with the other areas that you have in order to produce the best benefits of green tea.

If you are working towards loosing weight, and want to know exactly what you need to use to be effective in your routines, then adding green tea as a supplement can be effective. As science promises and points out with the weight loss studies on green tea, there are specific benefits and triggers that can work effectively with what you need to gain control of your weight loss.

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  1. Chandramathi Boy Kamalan said:

    Will drinking green tea everyday results in greying hair?

  2. Anita Wood said:

    What kind of green tea will make you lose weight theres lots of green tea out there and don’t know the right one

  3. Malik Gareen Tea said:

    Green tea really provides weight gain solutions. But it is most advantageous when used with salt and lemon drops. You may or may not agree with me but it is true.

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