If you are interested in advertising, I have many options that may interest you. receives highly targeted traffic of approximately 8000 unique visitors per month. I recommend you advertise if your website relates to green tea or health because the site is purely dedicated to green tea and its health benefits. That way you receive targeted traffic.

A few of the many advertising options include: banner advertisements on the left, top, right, or bottom; text links in articles or in the right navigation; and pay per view advertising.

I recommend you advertise via one of two ways (even both if you want). Firstly, is Google Adwords’ pay per view. Simply add to a site targeting campaign. Secondly, I use a third party site to manage text-link ads so you have complete confidence and control. You can buy text-link ads for at . Payments are made through secure third-party sites so you have the security and option to cancel your advertising at anytime.

I’m confident you’ll get what you’re after when advertising on my site as I highly value it and have worked hard on it to get the thousands of highly targeted visitors a month it does.

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