Negative Effects of Green Tea Leaves19

Most people think only of positive benefits of green tea. However, while this type of tea does offer some excellent benefits, many directly related to health, it is also important to understand there are some negative effects of green tea leaves. Just as with many foods and drinks we consume, green tea may not be […]

Side Effects of Herbal Teas1

Wouldn’t be right of me to talk about the virtues of herbal tea drinking without looking at what the possible side effects are, especially in the amounts the experts are telling us we should drink it in order to maximize the benefits (3-6 cups a day). Side effect of Green Tea: * Although rare, allergic […]

Risks and Benefits of Green Tea1

For those who are into health, there are always new found ways to improve and add onto what is available to you. Some of these are new mixtures that have been scientifically proven to be beneficial to your living. Others, however, are ancient extracts that can be used for you to improve your healthy lifestyle. […]

Oxidation and the Negative Antioxidant Effects0

Through the process of oxidation, oxygen begins the process of burning glucose and fat to provide energy and heat in the body. Although this is an unavoidable and naturally occurring process which gives our bodies the energy they need; the oxidation process produces a few by-products that have negative effects on our body. During the […]