Recipe for Green Tea Cake1

Over the years, people have come up with some very interesting cake recipes. For instance, there is chocolate and zucchini cake, Coca Cola cake, and Kaluha cake, all delicious but not necessarily healthy. As you will discover in this article, you have another option in the form of a recipe for green tea cake. With […]

Green Tea Smoothie Recipe0

Whether dieting or needing energy for sports performance, a smoothie made with the right ingredients would provide a huge nutritional benefit. A growing trend is the incorporation of green tea into our society. Considering that green tea has been studied intensely and proven to provide excellent health benefits, it would only make sense that someone […]

A Review of the Reasons Why You Need to Drink Green Tea Diet2

Green tea has become very popular due to the essential health benefits it brings. It has a very long history in being used by Asians as traditional medicine for many years. In addition to adding to one’s vitality, in recent years scientific research has also shown that green tea can help with weight loss. The […]

Understanding the Properties of Green Tea0

Today, most people have heard about green tea, learning about the many benefits offered. For instance, green tea helps fight cancer, lower bad cholesterol, fight tooth decay, reduce weight, and lower high blood pressure. While these benefits are proven facts coming from in-depth studies performed around the world, the properties of green tea are not […]

Green Tea Supplement Reviews0

When it comes to green tea, many people enjoy a hot cup of tea in the morning in lieu of coffee. Then, you have individuals who love an ice-cold glass of green tea. Another option is those who love cooking or creating dishes using dry green tea. Then, for people on the go who still […]

Green Tea Latte Recipe6

For some people, the morning starts with a hot cup of coffee while other people prefer cappuccino and others latte. Latte is an Italian drink often referred to cafĂ© latte, especially in westernized countries. Regardless of the name, this drink is made with milk and coffee and can be served hot or cold. To change […]

Is Tea Better than Coffee?1

When most people awaken, the first thing they grab is a cup of coffee or a cup of tea. You will also find a number of ice tea drinkers, as well as those who love ice coffee beverages, which have become quite popular. With both beverages being highly popular, we often hear the question, “Is […]

How do You Make Chinese Green Tea?0

Okay, you want a cup of tea so you boil water, dip the tea bag in a couple of times, and call it done, right? WRONG! Many people are tired of poor tasting tea, which leads them to ask, “How do you make Chinese green tea?” As you will discover in this article, there is […]

Tasting the Blend: Jasmine Green Tea0

There are a large variety of green teas that are available for you, all which have been crafted together in the quest to find alternate flavors with the same health benefits. When one is looking into the different types of teas, it can easily be seen that the combinations that have been made are to […]

Recipes for Green Tea Ice Cream0

When one thinks of ice cream, it is most likely not placed in the category of healthy. However, with green tea, the ice cream that can be made will help you to have a well-rounded snack. The benefits of not only drinking green tea, but also adding it into your favorite snacks, such as green […]